Example minimal .muttrc file

  • NOTE: to use this config file you must set the following with your personal information (see last 3 lines of file)
    • set from =
    • set realname =
    • my_hdr Reply-To:
set editor=nano			# choose an editor, I prefer mg or jed on RPi

set hostname="winlink.org"
#set alias_file=~/.mutt/aliases	# if you have an aliases file:
#source $alias_file		# load aliases
#set signature="$HOME/.signature.short"  # if you have a signature file

# Mail store stuff
set check_mbox_size=yes
set folder = $HOME/Maildir     # All filenames reference from this
set spoolfile=$HOME/Maildir    # all files including spool are in Maildir
mailboxes +inbox               # where to find new messages
set mbox_type=maildir          # the format e-mail is stored in
set edit_headers=yes
set autoedit = yes

set mbox=+inbox                # save incoming e-mail to inbox
set record=+sent               # save outgoing e-mail to sent
set postponed=+postponed
set move=ask-yes
set confirmappend = no
set smart_wrap = yes

folder-hook ipfilter set sort=threads
folder-hook . set sort=date-sent

# keybindings
# rebind delete to move the e-mail to the trash
macro index,pager   d "s+trash\n"  "Save the message to +trash"
bind index,pager    G imap-fetch-mail

# Headers to ignore
ignore *
unignore from date subject to cc bcc
unignore organization organisation
unignore posted-to: reply-to:
hdr_order date from to cc subject

set sendmail_wait =-1   	# don't wait to send an  e-mail
#  the -oem flag to cause errors to be mailed back;
#  the -oi flag to ignore dots in incoming messages
set sendmail="/usr/sbin/sendmail -oi -oem" # used on linux machine

set user_agent=no		# Don't set a "User-Agent" in header
set use_from=yes
set from=yourcallsign@$hostname	# set default from address
set realname ="Your Real Name"
my_hdr Reply-To: yourcallsign@winlink.org
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