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  ​-P ​ --wl2k-passwd ​  Set password for WL2K secure login  ​-P ​ --wl2k-passwd ​  Set password for WL2K secure login
 </​file>​ </​file>​
 +  * **Note:** enabling secure login is a 2 step process.
 +    * You must must first go to the Winlink site & update your Winlink account
 +    * You must either use a command line parameter or the config file entry for wl2k password.
 ===== Example config file entry ====== ===== Example config file entry ======
   * The config file exists in /​usr/​local/​etc/​wl2k.conf   * The config file exists in /​usr/​local/​etc/​wl2k.conf
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