Left to Do Feb 6



  • Interior concrete sealed
  • Two sets of interior stairs
  • Get electrician on schedule to finish before end of month
  • All window & door trim completed
  • All window & door trim sealed
  • Install all door & window hardware
  • Install wood stove
  • Library loft ladder


  • East exterior siding of house
  • Finish hooking up drainage
  • Decking around bedroom patio
  • East side crawl space

Living Room

  • Trim
  • Baseboard

Bed Room

  • Finish floor in bed room
    • Strip along outside wall
    • step up in entry
  • Finish trim


  • Trim inside
  • Hanging bars?

Bath Room

  • Finish bathroom tiling
  • Trim around windows
  • Install fixtures


  • Install kitchen appliances
  • Install plumbing fixtures
  • connect to septic tank
  • counter tops
  • Shelves
  • Paint patches around shelve support


  • storage space doors
  • upper landing bench
  • cork floor


  • Painters ladder leaves marks
  • painting touchups for blemishes

list of details that need fixing

  • Kitchen cabinet not closing due to gas pipe
  • Bedroom cabinet sliders need to be lowered
  • Need to get a larger piece of wood to cover lowered slider tracks
  • Drainage in front of house
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