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Test & Verify

AX.25 to TNC connection

  • Verify that the AX.25 config & TNC to radio & TNC to computer connections are working properly.
  • Receive tests


  • Display information about most recently heard AX.25 calls
man mheard


  • listen is one of the programs found in ax25-apps
  • Monitor network AX.25 traffic heard by the system.
listen -a
man listen

E-mail client & MTA (postfix) config

  • Compose an e-mail with your e-mail client & send e-mail
  • A file should appear in the paclink-unix outbox waiting for a pending transport operation via wl2ktelnet, wl2kax25 or wl2kserial
ls -salt /usr/local/var/wl2k/outbox
  • Verify that the permissions in your wl2k directory are OK ie. user username and group mail
  • For example for user gunn and group mail:
     Directory of /usr/local/var/wl2k
  drwxrwsr-x    3 gunn     mail         4096 Nov  2  2013 ./
  drwxr-sr-x    4 root     staff        4096 Nov  2  2013 ../
  drwxrwsr-x    2 gunn     mail         4096 Dec  7  2013 outbox/
  -rw-------    1 gunn     mail        12288 Jan  5 14:55 mid.db
  • verify that user is in group mail by executing:

wl2ktelnet test

  • wl2ktelnet will test your mail & paclink-unix config and does not touch your TNC or radio.
    • You must have an internet connection to make this work as it uses the telnet internet protocol
  • Compose a message addressed to your callsign, verify that a file appears in the outbox and send with telnet.
man wl2ktelnet
  • Run the wl2ktelnet program again, you should receive the message you just composed to yourself.
    • Receiving mail addressed to yourself only works if the mail.wl2k program uses the '-m' argument.

wl2kax25 test

  • Repeat the above test but use the wl2kax25 program instead of wl2ktelnet.
    • This uses your radio and TNC rather than the internet.
  • locate a nearby RMS gateway by using mheard, listen or the Winlink Universal RMS Map
  • <someRMSGateway> will be a valid ham callsign with usually but not always having a sid of 10
    • ie. n7nix-10
  • <someDigitpeater> will be any alphanumberic restricted to 8 characters in length
    • ie. digi
    • digipeater callsigns are sometimes aliases & will not necessarily look like valid callsigns.
wl2kax25 -c <someRMSGateway>
# or
wl2kax25 -c <someRMSGateway> <someDigipeater>
man wl2kax25
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