Configuration examples for paclink-unix email clients

Mozilla Thunderbird

Unix movemail config Steps

  1. Edit > Account settings…
  2. Select 'Movemail' option in account wizard, hit Next.
  3. Set up user information - Your Name 'Jon Doe' ←- displayed name on emails.
  4. Set email address to 'your_user_name_here at localhost' ←- no .com / .net / .org suffix.
  5. Set 'Outgoing Server' to 'localhost'
  6. Account name - I just set this to 'my_user_name at localhost'.
    • You can set it to 'local mail' or 'mail from my machine', etc.
  7. Now you will get a summary page that asks you to confirm the following information:
Account Name: my_account_name at localhost
Email Address: my_account_name at localhost
Incoming Server Type: MOVEMAIL
Outgoing User Name: my_user_name
Outgoing Server Name (SMTP): localhost

mutt and mail

Install mutt or mail

  • As root
apt-get install mutt
  • or install mail program
apt-get install mailutils

Configure mutt

mkdir -p ~/Maildir/{,cur,tmp,new}
mkdir -p ~/Maildir/inbox/{,cur,tmp,new}
mkdir -p ~/Maildir/sent/{,cur,tmp,new}
mkdir -p ~/Maildir/drafts/{,cur,tmp,new}
mkdir -p ~/Maildir/trash/{,cur,tmp,new}
mkdir -p ~/Maildir/attachments/{,cur,tmp,new}
  • Copy the following mutt .muttrc config file to your home dir and personalize
    • Do not run mutt until you have edited this file: example .muttrc file
    • Make sure that you have configured you mail client Reply-To: to be a valid winlink address. ie:
      • Reply-To:

Running mutt in a script or command line

  • Create a mail message in a text file
  • Subject follows -s in quotes
  • mutt -c allows specifying Carbon Copy addresses
  • Blind Copy (Bcc:) does not work in winlink e-mail
# send content of a file in body of e-mail
mutt -s "put subject line here" < file_name_of_content
  • Another example doing the same thing
mutt -s "//WL2K R/ Test msg" callsign> < mail_message_file_name
mutt -s "//WL2K R/ Test msg" -a /tmp/file.tar.gz < /tmp/mailmessage.txt
  • Multiple attachments use -a for each attachment
mutt -s//WL2K R/ Test msg” -a attach1 -a attach2 -a attach3 < /tmp/mailmessage.txt
  • Send e-mail to multiple users, separate addresses with a comma
mutt -s//WL2K R/”,  < /tmp/mailmessage.txt

Running mail in a script or command line

  • mutt and mail programs have similar syntax for the basic operation
    • mutt -x will emulate the mailx compose mode
  • NOTE: winlink mail is picky about the “From:” & “Reply-To:” fields so you need to set them explicitly
# send content of a file in body of e-mail
mail -s "//WL2K your subject line here" -a "From:" -a "Reply-To:" someregularemailaddress < file_name_of_content
  • Note in the example below you must use single quotes in the -s subject argument because of the forward slashes
# from command line or script
echo “This will go into the body of the mail” | mail -s '//WL2K cmd line test' -a "From:" -a "Reply-To:" some_regular_email_address

WEB Based Email Clients

  • There are a number of choices for web based e-mail clients, google is your friend
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