Notes for building asterisk & app_rpt on Debian


  • Get the kernel header files for your current kernel - uname -r - they must match
    • This is necessary to compile asterisk and dahdi
libslang2-dev:amd64 <none> 2.2.4-15
libnewt-dev:amd64 <none> 0.52.14-11.1
libsqlite3-dev:amd64 <none> 3.7.13-1+deb7u1
libxml2-dev:amd64 <none> 2.8.0+dfsg1-7+nmu2
uuid-dev:amd64 <none> 2.20.1-5.3
libjansson4:amd64 <none> 2.3.1-2
libjansson-dev:amd64 <none> 2.3.1-2

Get Source

  • Pick up the Acid SVN and Dahdi patches.
cd /usr/src
svn co
  • FIXME this creates a trunk directory.
    • I think I only needed to check out trunk/asterisk & trunk/fixed-dahdi-patches
  • Source code can be browsed here
  • Get Dahdi source (currently from
  • Create a /usr/src/asterisk and untar the acid svn there.
  • create /usr/src/utils/dahdi and untar dahdi there.
  • Also untar the dahdi patches and apply them. Readme shows how.
  • Compile and install Dahdi - make all, make install, make configure
  • You need to have dahdi up and running before you compile asterisk.
  • Compile asterisk
sudo make install
  • copy the other files from a running asterisk allstar system
    • /etc/asterisk config files,
    • rc.updatenodelist.
  • There are many more in between steps and failure points that need to be reconciled.
  • In particular there will be errors in compiles because of missing dependencies especially with the asterisk compile.
    • You need to load the dependency and then run ./configure again, then make.
    • After you do the ./configure you can do a make menuselect and see what items are not loading (XXX) because of dependency failures
    • When you cursor to it it shows the requiements at the bottom of the screen.
      • These are not always exactly the name you need to install but they are close.
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