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  • From: Steve Zingman
  • Subject: Re: [App_rpt-users] What to do with new computers

I've been working on a project that uses the current version of Debian. I have a few scripts to configure a base install of Debian 7 for AllStar.

  • Here is a snip of the get_src script.
cd /usr/src
svn export svntrunk
  • Try svn export instead of svn checkout and see it asterisk compiles for you.
  • I'm sure this is the wrong way to do this but…
    • Change ASTERISKVERSIONNUM=999999 in asterisk/Makefile

This works for me on Debian 7. I have a couple of other patches to get it working under Debian but this will let you compile.

Response from Doug Crompton

  • Not sure why you would have to do that or make any other “patches.”
    • I compiled in Debain and Ubuntu with the stock svn.
    • Of course you need to satisfy a number of dependencies, etc.

I have a PC Debian box running the current svn without problems. I did that just to make sure it would work under Debian when I was doing RPi testing. The only change I ever had to make was compiling for the RPi. That was in the assembler compilation of code for the armv6 in codecs/gsm. It did not like the machine type there. That has nothing to do with the PC compile though and it was not a problem with the V7 BeagleBone. 73 Doug WA3DSP

Response from Steve Zingman

  • The patches I've done have to do with a update to

/asterisk/contrib/init.d/rc.debian.asterisk to work properly on D7.

  • I also patch configure and to replace ssl2_connect with SSL_connect.
  • This fixes the dependency for res_crypto.
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