# Set Sysctl values
sysctl -w kernel.panic=30
sysctl -w kernel.panic_on_oops=30
 echo "Start Port ${PORTNAME} with device ${SERIALPORT}"
# Attach KISS-device /dev/ttyS0 to Port 0
/usr/local/sbin/kissattach -l  ${SERIALPORT} ${PORTNAME} >/tmp/ax25-config.tmp
awk '/device/ { print $7 }' /tmp/ax25-config.tmp > /tmp/ax25-config-tmp
read Device < /tmp/ax25-config-tmp
# Install Parameters
/usr/local/sbin/kissparms -p ${PORTNAME} -f no -r 32 -s 320 -t 320
# Check for Device
 echo "Checking for Device ${Device}"
 if [ -d /proc/sys/net/ax25/$Device ]
    then cd /proc/sys/net/ax25/$Device/
       ifconfig $Device netmask
       echo " Port ${PORTNAME} attached to $Device "
    else echo "** Error setting $Device parms**"
# display active ax25 sockets
  sleep 1
  /bin/netstat --ax25
# Start Mheard daemon
  echo $! > /var/run/mheard.pid
  echo "mheardd Started"
# AX25-up (End)
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