Verify Linux kernel

  • The AX.25 stack could have either been built into a monolithic kernel or installed as a kernel module
  • Check both of these methods to determine if your kernel is AX.25 ready

Monolithic kernel

grep -i "ax25*" /proc/kallsyms
c03b3654 t bin_net_ax25_table
c03b4154 t bin_net_ax25_param_table


 lsmod | grep -i "ax25"
ax25                   46950  3 mkiss

How to Load the AX.25 Linux kernel module

  • Determine your kernel version
uname -r
  • As root run the following command replacing <kernel_version_number> with result of above command
insmod /lib/modules/<kernel_version_number>/kernel/net/ax25/ax25.ko
  • Add an ax25 entry to /etc/modules to load the ax25 module at boot time
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