Burpee standard

Burpee variations

  • The Burpee: The One Exercise to Rule Them All by BRETT & KATE MCKAY on JANUARY 27, 2010
    • X can be 1 or 2
    • start in standing position, squat,
    • thrust feet out to front leaning rest position (pushup position),
    • do x pushups,
    • return to squat,
    • leap up,
    • do x side straddle hops (jumping jacks),
    • repeat.

quad-hop burpees

  • It’s similar to a burpee with pushup, only you push up with all four limbs, both knees and elbows bent.

Box Jump Burpees

  • It’s what it sounds like. Instead of jumping in the air at the end of the rep, you leap up onto a 24″ box (add height to increase the fun).

Weighted Burpees

  • Perform burpees using dumbells. Instead of jumping at the end, complete a shoulder press. This also allows your pushups (which ideally are “chest and thighs touch floor” deep) to go deeper.

Muscleup Burpees

  • It’s essentially a burpee pullup, only instead of a bar, you use rings… and instead of pulling your chin to your hands, you pull up all the way into a dip, and finish upright with your hands at your waist (search youtube for muscle ups to see what I mean).

Walkout Burpee

    • Beginner: Walk out
      • Start standing, bend your knees and bring your hands to the floor just in front of your feet.
      • Walk your hands out into a plank position,
      • walk yourself back to a low squat and stand up.
    • Intermediate: Push-ups and Plyometrics
      • Adding a push-up at the bottom of the move
      • jump at the top increases the difficulty level and your heart rate.
    • Advanced: Add weights
      • Replacing the jump squat with a weighted overhead press adds an extra challenge to the arms and core.
      • Use five- to 10-pound weight for the exercise.
      • Place dumbbells by your feet.
      • Squat down bringing hands in front of your feet,
      • jump your legs into plank position.
      • Do a push-up.
      • Jump your feet forward to your hands returning to a deep squat position.
      • Grab your weights and stand up while pressing weight overhead.
      • Engage your abs to keep torso aligned.
      • Bring the weights back down by your feet as you prepare to walk out again.

Burpee with kicks & punches

  • after you jump up, throw in a few roundhouse kicks or a few left and right hooks.

Burpee with knee raises

  • start standing position,
  • full jump knee raise to chest,
  • from standing down to floor
  • press up
  • squat
  • stand up do knee raise to chest
  • do push ups with knee raise after the push up alternate sides.
  • Do this between the standard burpee while your in push up position.
  • add a star jump [star jump= giant in air jumpin jack] to finish the burpee.

“8-count pushup”

1: Standing position to squat.
2. Kick feet back to the pushup position.
3-6. Do 2 pushups.
7. Return to the squat position.
8. Stand.
  • steps for the 8 count body builders
1-Stand, feet together, arms at your side
2-Drop to a squat, hands on the floor
3-Kick your feet back (push-up position)
4-Perform 1 pushup
5-Kick your feet out and spread them as wide as possible
6-Return to push-up position
7-Return to squat position
8- JUMP!

Burpee with Spinal Rock

Burpee with ab workout
  • more dimension to the abs is this:
    • when you land from your jump, instead of going back down for your leg extension and push-up, roll onto your back and do a “heels to the heavens” crunch.
    • Meaning, roll onto your back and thrust your heels up as high as you can,
    • lifting your lower back off the ground until you are on your shoulders.
    • You keep your arms flat on the ground to stabilize.
    • This requires a lot of ab muscle to do repeatedly.
    • After doing “heels to the heavens,” you roll back down onto your feet,
    • stand up completely
    • THEN go down into your thrust and push-up.
    • Come back up, jump, roll onto your back, etc.

Burpees with Dumbells

  • Go into the pushup position holding dumbells,
  • do a pushup,
  • do a renegade row with each arm (pull the dumbell to chestheight while rotating your torso as little as possibly.)
  • stand,
  • clean the dumbbells and press them.
  • Repeat until you puke.

High knees with floor touch

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