Miscellaneous collection of Links to Body Weight exercises


Possibilities for next round

  • Quad Hop progression by Shane Heins
  • Tripod overhead extension levels 1,2,3 shane Heins
    • Another good youtube progression by Shane
  • Bridge push-up
    • We know how to break this one down
  • Superman (for the lower back)
  • Bear squat by John Wolf
    • squat from down dog position)
  • Adam Steer - Screw Press, bucket drop, mountain climber flow
  • Scott sonnon's CSTG (Circular Strength training group exercise)
    • This has some exercises that use the 5 lb weights or even just do the exercise without the weight.
    • One is the torch curl-up.

Prasara Flow

  • Greg had thrown in a few prasara yoga moves. We could throw in a few of these.
  • The Plow (Sinor has a nice demonstration transitions into the plow and also has some yoga flows.)
  • I haven't been able to find a youtube that would show how to start a yoga flow for beginners.
  • If we want we may have to come up with one of our own.
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