End of Class Stretch Routine

  • Stand tall, hook thumbs, reach for sky (twice each thumb).
  • Triceps stretch (both arms).
  • Side stretch (both directions).
  • Down to knees, stretch wrists.
  • Down dog, work heels, both down, hold.
  • Hollow body to up dog.
  • Plank to floor, open shoulder stretch (both sides)
  • Cross shoulder stretch (both sides)
  • Roll to back, Bridge.
  • Knee to armpit + side twist stretch (both sides)
  • Hug knees, lower back stretch.
  • Happy Baby (Reverse Monster)
  • Glute cross stretch (both legs)
  • Hollow body up to sitting position.
  • Spine stretch (both sides)
  • Hurdler's stretch with Bandits (both sides).
  • Hamstring stretch with Bandits.
  • Butterfly stretch.
  • Roll over into Pigeon, lower and up (both sides).
  • Trucker.
  • Spinal Rock up.
  • Crow (optional)
  • Done!!

Alternative to above stretch routine (incorporate into above routine or use separately)

Shane Heins cool-down – Met Con cool down

  • Standing slide into side Warrior stretch
  • Transition place hands in front bring foot forward to table
  • Transition into shinbox to dying warrior
  • Roll onto back out of Dying warrior to shoulder bridge back into shinbox
  • Knees together cross one arm to opposite hand across body on knees while reaching with other arm overhead stretch for kneeling side stretch.
  • Shinbox switch to shoulder bridge to shinbox to Dying warrior opposite side
    • to table to shinbox knees together side stretch
    • to opposite side warrior pose.
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