Monday/Wednesday Flow Fit tabata

6 individual tabata 25-10 exercises (6 rounds, 1 min rest between), time: 27 min

3 progression examples for each move

  • quad squat, quad hop, roca press
  • leg sit through, sit through half swoop, sit through complete circle
  • mountain climber, easy climber, climber with twist, climber with twist, elbow behind knee
  • rotating table, tripod switch, drive hips up with arms, 1 arm down, 2 arms down
  • yoga burpee (up dog, down dog, push plank)
  • spinal rock, with pike, with drop

Tuesday/Thursday Fat Burning

flow fit, time: 11 min

  • Flow fit exercises as done on day 1, but now done as a flow.
  • Pyramid time in minutes: 1, 2, 3, 2, 1
    • 20 second rest between intervals

Exercise pairs 20-20-10, 6 rounds, time: 14 min

  • 20 second rest between intervals
  • reverse crunch, superman
  • deep lunge, jump squats
  • plank alternate leg raises, knee unders to opposite elbow
  • rotating table, inverted press narrow hands
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